Resolution and keep the look in an other view

It seems that the max resolution is 1344x768, witch seems a bit low, when working with archviz.
It that really the maximum?

I wonder is one finds a motive that looks nice, is it then possible to move the camera, and keep the same look / materials? if not - I would wish for that :slight_smile:

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@Jorgensen - welcome to the forum!

We are working on improving the resolution and retain a high degree of quality.
Regarding keeping the same aesthetic (look/feel/materials), we’re also working on a mode that will allow this functionality. This feature be released before the higher resolution feature.

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Hi @Ben that sounds good!

Thanks for the quick reply.



you are saying 1344 is the widest pixel resolution of any rendering out of Veras right now?

I thought this was a free trial limitation, so I bought a subscription… but…it’s not?

Please let us know when you are planning to remove this limit,

thank you

@gsucci - welcome to the forum!

That is correct - the current limit is at 1344. However, we’ve made some major improvements that will allow us go increase the resolution and quality. We will be releasing these updates starting next quarter.

The Veras 1.2 Release supports resolutions up to 2688 x 1536 or 1536 x 2688

2023-09-06 - 23-36-44

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