Rendering complicated reception desk

I just tried rendering this complicated reception desk, in an isolated view (without other details in my actual overall scene), in 1.4.01 both engines, and in both engines. engine 5 look is improved over the engine 5 look in so that’s encouraging to me.

One note is I can’t get the same width in that I could get in What is shown is the maximum width I can get in, but the 1.4 examples I could have made even wider.

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Renderings look great ! A workaround for the narrowed image frame is to first widen it with Field of View under the Sketchup Camera menu.

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@SketchVeraslady - the increase in geometry retention in 1.5 might have affected the width availably. However, like @vache mentioned you can change the camera view angle:

  1. Press “Z”
  2. Type a number (like 60)
  3. Press “Enter”

You can repeat this for the desired width, then you can resync the camera.

You can also press “Z” then hold “Shift”, then left-click and hold the click down for an interactive way to change the camera angle in SketchUp:

2023-12-12 - 17-09-06

NOTE: we are tracking this issue in this post: 1.42 Field of View too small, smaller than previous version

It will be interesting to use the 1.5 engine 5 more which I hadn’t really used until now. I thought 1.4 engine 5 was very accurate but this “gothic inspired” Belfast reception cabinetry (design by others) was too much for even it. I did finally get the cabinetry portion to render quite a bit more accurately in 1.5 engine 5. .

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This bug is now resolved with the latest Veras Release. Thank you for your patience.

Download new version here: Windows | Mac