Remember settings by user, not model

Custom tasks and Tab settings seem to be saved to the current file you had open when you created them. They need to stick around so we can use standardized tasks across multiple projects.

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The tasks saved to the project file was done by design. However, there’s definitely a need to having a location to save global tasks that work across multiple projects.

At the moment, you could export and import tasks to migrate tasks from project to project.

We also have a feature in our backlog that will link Glyph to a central library:

Thanks for the quick reply Ben.
That makes total sense now that I think of it more. You don’t know what view types and templates will be in each model. Too many variables.


You could have the tasks initially configured in your Revit template, and projects that start with the template will have the tasks pre-configured to work with those parameter & element names.

I had just tested that theory when I read your message. We can just set the tasks up in our templates.

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