New Feature Ideas


I realize the Glyph team can only pack so many updates in each new release, but here are a few features I think would be nice to have

  1. Add a setting to dimension all parallel walls regardless of their length. Currently I am running a Task to dimension one side of a building and the result is the dimensions in blue. The desired result is the dimensions in red. If I extend the two circled walls, they are included in the same dimension string leading me to believe only walls with similar lengths that overlap an imaginary line are a part of the same string (the yellow line in the below image)

  1. Sort newly created elements in a Bundle by a parameter. Currently defaults to chronological order created in the project, this becomes problematic when placing views in a clockwise order per building. More info here:

  1. Ability toggle and/or customize E-W or N-S suffix to sections on and off

  2. Automate tagging Areas

  3. Save all settings within a Task or Bundle per project, even if the project is closed. This avoids having to reassign multiple Tasks their own view.

Overall, my team and I have really enjoyed using this plugin.



@Sterling ,

As always, thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions! Most of these ideas are already in a roadmap and we plan to add them to Glyph soon.

Thanks again!