Control the Order of Elevation View Placement on a Sheet


Is it possible to control the order of which the elevation views are created and placed on a sheet, perhaps based on a Family’s Mark parameter? I am using a custom casework family to act as a stand-in for each building facade (called “elevation planes”), and then using the create elevation Task to elevate each side of the building.

In the video below I am trying to create the elevations going clockwise to follow North, East, South, West, but when I run the create elevation Task, it seems to place the elevation markers randomly, then I realized it uses the chronological order of which each elevation plane was created.

I tried manually selecting the elevation planes in the desired order and also filtering the selection based on the Mark set to the four cardinal directions, but it still defaults to chronological order.

This really only matters when I go to place the views on the sheet. Ideally I would want the views to read left to right with the naming of each elevation following the clockwise order stated above.

Any suggestions or workarounds would be much appreciated. Thanks!