Model changes a lot after rendering

How can I avoid that rendering completly changes my design. I already made glas blue in sketchup. I keep the creativity strength on 69 but it still changes the entire design.

@SofieMaes - welcome to the forum!

We’re working on a new Veras update that will drastically help with geometry detail retention. There is a canary access version that you can test now if you’d like (let me know). We’re anticipating making this a public release next week.

2023-06-06 - 14-32-27

interested - please let me know

@AYLTEK - welcome to the forum!

We’ll be relating the update this week.

The Veras V1 release is now available for download!! Check it out:

2023-06-26 - 22-43-34

Here’s the V1 post: Veras - Release