Installing Veras MSI Configurations & Remote Deployment for IT Managers

Veras for Windows (Revit, Rhino & SketchUp) is installed using the Veras_Setup.msi. MSI’s have built in functionality that allows for mass deployments. For example, admins can silent deploy Veras to multiple machines using something like PDQ Deploy. We also added some custom flags that further configures how Veras is deployed within the office.

No Analytics Flag

Some entities would like to disable the default option for analytics.

Using a deployment software (ex: PDQ Deploy), admins can add the DISABLEANALYTICS=TRUE property.
Here’s an example of a silent install with this property using command line:
msiexec /I EvolveLAB_Veras_Setup.msi DISABLEANALYTICS=TRUE /quiet

Running this should create the proper registry keys and values in this location:

When users first open the app they will see the image on the left, instead of the default options.

Install Directories

Below are the directories that the msi uses to install Veras for the respective apps.



%AppData%\SketchUp\SketchUp 202X\SketchUp\Plugins\


I can’t understand any of this. Is this for Forma users? That is not clear to me from the presentation. It is being recommended as upgrade when I start Veras.

This article applies to IT managers that would like more control with how Veras is installed on multiple machines remotely in Windows OS within an office setting.

This does not apply to Forma, as the Forma plugin is a web-app, and does not need an installer.