I found a link to many Veras releases

I noticed if I click on “veras-release” , if it occurs, under a forum post you will see a layout all of the various releases for download, which I never noticed before. url: Topics tagged veras-release But if you click on them individually, they default to newer versions: .700 to 1.10, .950 to 1.10, and 1.0 to 1.4. You recently provided a special link in one of the comments here for the .950 version, which does download the .950 version, but isn’t it confusing to have the .950 in this list which does not download .950? I don’t think many people can see the special link you provided for .950. It seems it would be nice to have the link download as it is labeled, or be given a choice. This is all subjective and sometimes the newer version isn’t what you want. Thanks. Also this applies to each version as it is posted on the forum on the day they were released, they default like that, .950 defaults to 1.01, and 1.0 defaults to 1.4. I would imagine if anyone did want to try .950 they would go to that post on the day it was released, rather than discover the link you provided to me in a comment, and so wouldn’t be able to access it.

These are unique releases with individual pros and cons. I do not think the releases are necessarily getting better; they may be more accurate, in an uneven way, but are not as attractive as the original, missing the earlier sophistication, depth, subtlety, texture and more, intangibles. That original Veras was/is stunning. I would rather make use of the earlier Veras version (before 1.0+ ) and make them work for me in terms of retaining geometry. But I do get some details from other versions for use in composites. It’s always seemed to me the 1.0 releases should have been offered as options as you experimented with with accuracy. I am looking forward to .950 being included as a fixture in a new release.

Yes - the links to the posts point to the same location right now. This limits the number of locations that need to be updated when we have new releases. It also encourages users to get the latest version of the app, that includes the latest features, stability and security updates.

There was a discrepancy between the versions from older post, as a artifact of us changing the host system. That is now resolved, and all the versions in the posts point to the latest link.

Since Veras is mainly a web app, the local client install (SketchUp, Revit, Rhino) is there to connect to the main app that is hosted online.

Regarding render quality and styling, please see this post on how to reproduce the results from in the versions. The only change in the new version is the slider locations, as the backend is the same. With the v1.4 release, you have to select the Version 4 Render Engine to access the settings in the post.

As you’ve mentioned this is subjective, and therefore we want to provide everyone access to a plethora of rendering styles, which is why we have not deprecated any of the render engines to date.

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