I don´t understand how "create view by category" works

I´m trying to create elevations of all the curtain walls in my project. Glyph create elevation views when I run the task, but I have no idea what that views are showing, the views generated seem totally random.

I think the “create view by category” should go with a similar approach as the “create assembly views” in Revit, where you have total control of the views you want to create:

-3d Ortho
-Section A
-Section B
-Elevation Top
-Elevation bottom
-Elevation left
-Elevation right
-Elevation front
-Elevation back


The “Create views by category” works in the same way as the other creation tasks.


1- Select the category you want to use to create views. (Red rectangle)
2- If you don’t want to use all the elements then you can either select them manually (circle selection button) or create a filter (Filter icon) (Blue rectangle)
3- Go to the settings tab then select which view types you would like to create

How to Create View By Scope Box

Yes, I know Miguel.

But i don´t understand why in Properties/make elevation, the app doesn´t ask what elevation do you want. A curtain wall has 4 elevations (front, back, left and right).

And the task happens to get the crop region of the element wrong. I made a test selecting only 1 curtain wall, and the crop region of the generated elevation is way bigger than the whole building.

Thanks for the reply

@ACGH , It will create just 1 elevation, the front one as this is how usually curtain walls are documented in architectural drawings. But we have a way for you to create more elevations(back, left, and right) in the backlog, that way it can also be used for other types of drawings.

Can you email me at miguel@evolvelab.io with a photo of the crop region issue? The crop region should definitely be adjusted automatically when creating elevations/plan views.

Thank you!

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