Helix - Revit Components in SketchUp

Hello all,

Just started trying the plug-in, it seems a little bit complicated right off the bat, I tried everything that was available with the trial account and as far as I can see when I import my Revit model in SketchUp there is an issue with the components, meaning that all elements are groups, so if I make any changes in sketchup to one elements, it doesn’t translate it to other similar elements.

For exemple windows, most of my windows are the same, but If I want to make a change to one of the windows or add something, I have to add to all of them…

Am I missing something or is this the intended fonctionality?

Is there any way of having the repetitive componenets in Revit also be repetitive in SketchUp?

@a.vlad - welcome to the forum!

The Revit families are not automatically converted to SketchUp components, where changing one instance updates all the other instances. We want to add this feature soon, and we have it on our roadmap: Helix Roadmap | SketchUp ⇌ Revit

Thanks for the link! and the quick reply!

I see that the last two updates were on may 12 and may 18, would it be possible to have a general idea as to when this feature could be implemented, a week, a month, more ?

We would have used the native import option of sketchup, but since the compatibility with Revit 2024 is not out yet, I have to search for alternatives and stumbled upon this plug-in. It’s nice that textures are able to be imported as well with your plug-in.

That makes sense. We don’t have a specific timeline for the release. However, it’s more in the month+ range.

We could expedite this if it’s critical for your needs, via feature sponsorship. I can connect with you directly with details if you are interested in knowing more about it.