Generating Consistent Renders with Veras from Different Angles

We received this comment a few times across multiple channels:

Is possible to generate images of the same space from different camera angles and maintain consistent materials. Is this something that Veras can achieve and are you able to share some examples and techniques of how to achieve this?

Hello, I am trying out the trial version inside SketchUp. The AI generated a reimagining of my 3D model but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to apply it to the entire 3d model. Is this even possible?

Currently we have the seed locking feature that helps with preserving the design. However, it is not that good when changing views. We can also minimize the Geometry Override, the Material Override, and the prompt strength values to retain as much consistency as possible when changing the camera angle.

We have a feature in our backlog that will allow to preserve the design more consistently when changing the camera angle. We want this feature to work with low and high Geometry Override / Material Override values.

Interior Example

Below is an example of lowering the Geometry Override, the Material Override and the Prompt Strength values + locking the Seed. The consistency is close across the views, but the quality is somewhat sacrificed.

2023-10-28 - 20-52-12

Exterior Example

Same technique as above, but applied to exteriors.

2023-10-28 - 20-47-44

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