Firewall Assistance

Hi, having limited windows knowledge I haven’t been able to allow access to EvolveLAB through the fire wall as it isn’t appearing in the list? Would it have another name or am I looking in the wrong spot?

There’s a new pre-release update that might give us more information on your error: Veras Installer v0.9.4.3

Please let me know if you get a different error with the new patch or if it works.

G-Day Ben,
sadly the update is still presenting with the same error message. I’ll have time later today to spend some focused time on the matter and will formerly respond then. Thanks for your help to date.

Hi,I’m having the same firewall issue as well.Kindly let me know how to solve this.Thanks!

@DesignBT & @Jannatun - we have a new prerelease canary build: Veras

Can you please try this version to see if you get any issues with rendering?

The link above is now updated to the correct version.