Feature Idea: Adjust & Align Grids, Tags, Markers & Dimensions

As a firm we set reference planes, name them, and then use those to “Align” our annotations. If there was an option to align grid bubbles and etc to certain reference planes that would be…amazing. If this is already an option I apologize, I’m new and still trying to learn the app.


@lancem this is a cool idea! The app does not have a feature that aligns the annotations yet. We do have some ideas on how we would align annotations into rows and columns, but didn’t post about it.

What if we don’t have to use reference planes, but you can have faux reference planes that are generated and appear in the view, without needing to create the reference planes. This would enable more users to use the tag, column bubble and level datum alignment via settings, and not need to update the model with them. Some firms might use reference planes for other purposes, and there could be too many reference planes for those users perhaps. They could be controlled off defined level, or highest level shown in view, or right most / left most in view. There’s something very neat about naming the reference planes though, and aligning that name to a certain annotation type for alignment.

I love the idea of have a faux reference plane. Something that could be purely annotative is awesome as even with names our reference planes get confused as levels and etc all the time. Having something like this would save days worth of work going through elevations and etc. Thank you for the reply and for the consideration!

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Thank you for the idea!!! I’m super happy to hear how people annotate and document. Let’s build this together!