Exterior & Interior Rendering Tutorial

I was very excited to try this plugin, and made a video tutorial for anyone curious to see the interface in action. The tutorial outlines some basic info about the software, and then takes a deep dive into exterior and interior visualization examples. I hope it’s useful!

AI Rendering Plugin for Revit:


Thank you for sharing!

Here are some takeaways:

  • more tutorials on prompts
  • better assist the user with Creativity Strength and Style Strength
  • :bulb: idea: when selecting an image, load the settings used for that images in the properties
    • note: the render settings are displayed in light gray at the bottom for reference
  • better support for renderings that stay true to the drawn geometry
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Yes - You nailed the take away. I truly believe this tool could become a huge success if you are able to find a way to stay true to the actual image/model/materials and provide atmospheric photorealistic renderings in just seconds. The ability to test alternate material palettes is a bonus for the tool. But I think what architects and designers ultimately need is ultra fast rendering with in-program editing of the rendered images (IE build upon an AI rendering by adding people, vehicles, vegetation in hand-selected areas, change sky etc…)


We made significant progress in staying true to the original geometry in the latest V1 release of Veras, using the new Geometry Override slider:

2023-06-26 - 14-03-28

Here’s the V1 post: Veras - Release