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Veras software is simply amazing!

Its amazing what a little touch to the sliders and few prompts can achieve, glad that I gave it a go!

I hope it gets better in the future, since there are certain things the team may want to look and improve, for instance it will be great to input numbers directly into the sliders instead of using only the sliders to increase or decrease intensity.

Having the availability to see the seed number for an specific image that you like is crucial, thinking on how clients behave making changes every now and then, it will be good to mantain visual style as per the seed but incorporating the changes without generating a whole new different scene. (Even while using the same prompts you get different results)

Also the randomness of it is great, but will be good to make sure it respect certain areas as your design requires, which sometimes replace with random outcomes.

For instance: having a green area within the image and by prompts letting the AI know that (green marked area is meant to be water or wild grass), at the moment does what it wants, and ommits those green spaces.

other issue is that the lines that should be straight sometimes are bended and even curved (regarding architecture) there should be a slider to adjust this or a thicking box, I tried including “rectilinear lines” and many other similar prompts with no good outcome.

Also resolution is a key factor! I believe 1344 is not enough by any means! it will be great to have an option to upscale, similar to the one Midjourney has, once you are happy with your rendering you can upscaled to your desired resolution, at least 3840x2160.

Keep it up with the great work! amazing software so far!



Thank you for your excitement and your feedback! I think you’re getting some neat results.

Regarding your feedback, I think it aligns with many items that we already have in our backlog for Veras. I’ll outline them here:

  • input numbers directly into the slider fields
  • exposing the random seed
  • more control over specific areas, for less random results
  • better adherence to the original geometry resolving bended / curved lines that should be rectilinear
  • higher resolutions

Dear Ben,

Spot on!

Thanks for taking these comments into consideration, I believe this will improve the software beyond its current capabilities!



The latest V1 Veras release now has better geometry retention! Check it out:

2023-06-26 - 22-39-50

Here’s the V1 post: Veras - Release

The latest release now has the render seed feature: Veras - Release

2023-07-19 - 13-25-50