Error - couldn't reach the server

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I have the exact same error here!
The trial worked great.
Just bought one month’s seat this morning anddd now this. just great.
but you’re not alone.

When you click on the Veras AI “Start” button try clicking on the tiny “logout” on the pop-up window next to the - X. Then try logging back in. Just got it to work for me.

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@Souki & @zamp_m - we did have a longer spike in our servers this morning, and essentially people were not accessing the queue. This should now be fixed, unless you are still experiencing the problem now.

Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Can you confirm that you can render images right now?

Yes, It works now. Thanks

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Hello , i am still haveing the same issue

Having the same issue on the demo

All - the answer is to force EvolveLab to see the subdirectory under the current user name.
Open the file icon and navigate to (for example) - C:/users/username/AppData/Roaming/EvolveLabVeras/Renderings

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@RgPolk - thank you for this update!

Perhaps we can add a reset folder setting button that points back to that directory.

I am still having the same issue

This topic might be relevant: Could not connect to the domain - #2 by Ben

Let me know if the solutions there apply. We’re also working on releasing an update that will change the connection behavior.

This error should now be fixed for both Rhino and Revit with the latest v0.9.3.1 patch. You can download the update here:

Download new version here: Veras Installer