Error: Could not extract Revit image!

The input file name is not valid. Parameter name filepath.

Seems to be happening on Revit 2020 with a large model. Did not have this happen on 2021 with a large model.


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@mbkarp Welcome to the forum!

Please try the solution in the post above, and let us know if that solves the issue.

No, my error is different. The header of the error is the same but the “input file path is not valid” is different from “path does not exist”.

I don’t think these should be merged, my error has nothing to do with the location veras saves the images to, changing that does not fix the problem.

@mbkarp sorry about that. I’ve merged back the topic as this is a different issue.

Thank you for confirming that the solution in this post: How to edit path for "Error: Could not Extract Revit Image!" does not solve the issue.