How to edit path for "Error: Could not Extract Revit Image!"

I cannot seem to get my Revit
image to load but don’t know how to edit the path to fix the issue. Any help would be appreciated.



@Josty welcome to the forum!

You can change the setting from the settings gearbox:

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Thank you all for the help!

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This is not a good start to what I thought would be an exciting tool. Veras should follow paths set by Revit. Two back to back save render errors, both of which used a render attempt of my “free” 30 attempts. IF the errors keep up they will use up all of the remaining renders. Veras Revit


2nd image as a new user can only upload one. Man, really? This is the same error after defining a path directly into the subdirectory of the Revit model.

Are you getting the same error after you were able to render an image? or does it work after the image path was updated?