Creating views and sheets from rooms, a few observations

Hi Devs, @Ben @Miguel
I have been using the Glyph plugin for a work package where plans, RCPS and elevations are required for a very large number of rooms, and these are a few of my observations:


  • the plugin is extremely helpful in creating plan and RCP views.
  • the cropping of plans and RCPs is working fine post the update.
  • Uppercase toggle resets to ON at the start of a new session
  • Since, the plug-in minimises every time a different task is clicked.

Create Elevation views by Room:

  • Please add “Far Clip Offset” to the Add Setter options. There are situations where the far offset needs to be beyond the room extents.
  • View Crop offset is only applied to the top and bottom of the crop, please include horizontal offsets as well.
  • Please add an option to use alternate view suffixes other than North, East, South, West. Even something like A, B, C, D would be ok.
  • Please add a counter of number of rooms selected, and an option to hide unselected. When there are a large number of rooms in the project, it gets difficult to check which rooms have been selected.

Place Views on Sheets

  • The zoning of views on sheets seem to be broken. I tried to create a 6 zone partition on the sheet and the elevation views bunched up on the 4th zone.

    Edit: currently the workaround is to add a filter to each zone (View Name Contains “North”, etc.) to force 1 view per zone.

Feature request:

  • please add an option to use multi-category tags and Key notes as tags.
  • please add an option for elevations to have setting out dimensions of walls/room edge from grid lines, and wall to wall dimensions.

@surajsankar - thank you for your awesome feedback!

Some of these ideas are already in our backlog, so thank you for escalating them. The bugs will have a more immediate attention, so we’re hoping to include some fixes soon.

Regarding multicategory-tags and keynotes, I believe there are some Revit API restrictions that do not allow access. @Miguel correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi Ben,
a follow-up to my earlier observations:

  1. When creating an elevation view through the create views from rooms task, the parameter setter for crop region visible doesn’t seem to be working. it’s working for plans and reflected ceiling plans.

  2. for the placement of views on sheets, the plugin seems to be following the zone numbers in the layout editor, rather than the Zone placement order specified under additional zone settings.