Creating dimensions for lighting fixtures


I’m testing the dimension by category task for lighting fixtures. After selecting category and task settings, running, I get the message that Dimensioning views by category ran successfully but dimensions are not showing on plan.


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I just ran the lighting fixture dimension on ceilings using the rac_advanced_sample_project that comes with Revit, and got the results below:

Can you please check the report log to see if there were any errors or warnings? This vie should show the number of dimensions created with the task.

Hi Ben,

I see I missed adding the ceiling category on my end. However, when I select the ceiling category I’m not able to pick it from the view. There’s no ceilings in the room I’m dimensioning; it goes to deck. I tried the floor category but I can’t select the floor above from a section view.

Here’s my report below:

Looks like no dimensions are created.


In your example, would you dimension the light fixtures to the adjacent walls and/or column grids?

If you have an example of what the dimensions should look like, it would really help us visualize how to update Glyph so that it supports this condition (if it doesn’t support it).

@Miguel - regarding the TASK LOGS we probably should mark tasks that produced zero elements as a warning :warning: instead of a green check mark :white_check_mark:


I just ran the task again without ceilings (just the light fixtures) and the dimensions get tied to the grid & to themselves. I should note that there are some erroneous 0’-0" dimensions that we need to resolve:


Here’s an example of what the dimensions should look like…

When we use EQ indicators it should be a closed loop meaning there are dimensions on both ends (2’-10 3/4" and 2’-11") as shown.

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Thanks for sharing!

We need two things to do here:

  • test Glyph dimensions for light fixtures and walls categories, so that they work properly
  • add a feature setting that allows the inner dimensions to be set to EQ if the inner dimensions are consistently set apart

This is great feedback - we’ll post updates here with the tests and feature update.