Create Elevation Views by Room doesn't work for oddly shaped rooms

Firstly, I want to say, I think this tool is going to be great. I’ve been building a tool to do this with dynamo for my team, so when I heard about this, and saw the UI, I knew I may be able to just bail on using dynamo, and use this, however - when I try to create elevations by room, Glyph seems to have issues with non-rectangular rooms, and even rooms that are rectangular, but not parallell/perpendicular to the view.

Is this a known issue? Or am I doing it wrong?


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@Tom_Sheridan - welcome to the forum!

Glyph was designed to work with non-orthogonal rectilinear rooms. However, I just ran a test and found some issues:

Some of the elevation markers work as designed, but some of the other ones are not working correctly. Well address this bug in the next release. If you have an example file with other conditions to test, let us know and we can run through them when we fix this bug.

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the swift response. That fix would be great. Yes, the issue I had was exactly what you have here - when a room was rotated more than 20°, I think that was when I started having the problem.

Also, just been testing on a room with one wall on an angle and got this -

This is another feature that we have in our backlog: Create Elevations From Simplified Room Boundary

We don’t want to create an elevation of all the possible segments, just the main important ones. Here’s the feature description: