Could not sync the preview image (PREVIEW IMAGEN ERROR

Thank you for bringing this up - I’ll let our team know about the issue, and create a fix as soon as we can.

Does the previous version work? EvolveLAB_Veras_v1.0.1.3.msi

Yes, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Ben brings up a good question. It would be helpful to know if the previous version worked for you.

I am also curious to know if the use of other features are causing similar errors. The button with the folder icon that is located to the right of the ‘Render’ button would be a good one to try.

Facing the same issue

@designdudes_07 - Can you let us know what version of Veras you currently have installed, and what version of SketchUp you are using? If you haven’t already, my first suggestion would be trying to update to the latest Veras release here:

Let us know! Thanks,

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