Align SketchUp 3D Warehouse Component To Existing Revit Model

1 | Create a Section Box of For Context Geometry

  • Adjust the section box so that only the necessary content gets exported to SketchUp for aligning Sketchup Components

2022-02-12 - 23-40-13

2 | Export the Revit Model to SketchUp

  • Click the Export Active View button in the EvolveLAB Ribbon Tab
  • Open SketchUp, and Open the Helix UI button from the toolbar
  • Click the Import Revit button in the Helix UI

2022-02-12 - 23-46-42

3 | Place the Desired Component in Space

  • Place the SketchUp component or group in the space by using the imported geometry for reference.
  • Align the component to the appropriate location

2022-02-12 - 23-51-17

4 | Map the Component in Helix

  • Select the component
  • In the SELECTED ELEMENTS section change the selected Components to DXF in the dropdown

2022-02-13 - 00-04-39

5 | Sync with Revit

  • Click the Sync SketchUp button in the Helix UI
  • With Revit open, click the Load Model button in the EvolveLAB Revit Ribbon Tab

2022-02-15 - 13-37-09

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