A few questions about veras

Hello everyone! I would like to express my deep gratitude to the developer, this is certainly an incredibly cool thing for fast rendering. I installed a sketchup plugin and encountered some confusion in the work. Maybe someone can at least hint or say directly:

  • Veras can’t make renders sequentially while preserving the surroundings in the scene each time? I have a model and I want to make, for example, 2-3 renderings in one scene but from different angles.
  • how to do it, or what should be written in the Prompt, what is geometry, and the architecture of the house itself did not change (windows were not added, unnecessary pillars and door inserts were not added to the panoramic glazing), and the main focus in the rendering was on visualizing the surrounding world ?
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Welcome to the forum @Kiryl,

Thank you for posting your question here! This is a current limitation in our software, and one we look forward to overcoming. We have done some preliminary development towards a feature that will allow for this kind of consistency that you speak of.

Here’s a link to a past post which approaches the topic more comprehensively and can provide you with some insights regarding the use of “Render Seed”: Generating Consistent Renders with Veras from Different Angles