A Closer Look Into Glyph's Wall Dimension Options

2022-09-22 - 17-02-43

Wall Dimensioning Options are pre-set dimensioning conditions in Glyph v0.1.1.0 or later. These options codify the rules that help with creating dimension strings, filtering walls for selection, and filtering hosted elements to be dimensioned.

Below is an overview of the Wall Dimensioning Options currently available. Let us know in the comments what you think of these options, which other options you would like to see in the future, and how you would use them!

Interior Wall Dimension Option

The Interior Wall Dimension option locates and dimensions interior walls in a building. This option creates dimension strings starting from an exterior wall (top-left or N-W position) across all perpendicular Interior Walls along the string axis.

Interior Wall Dimension Option

Exterior Wall Rough Opening Dimension Option

The Exterior Wall Rough Opening Dimension option locates and dimensions openings in the Exterior Walls created by Curtain Walls, Doors, Windows, and any other wall openings intersected by the View’s cut plane. Dimension strings start at each Exterior Wall’s corner, adding all cutting voids’ start and end positions in that wall.

Exterior Wall Rough Opening Dimension Option

Overall Exterior Wall Length Dimension Option

The Overall Exterior Wall Length Dimension option dimensions the overall length of each Exterior Wall. Henceforth, it creates a dimension string measuring each Exterior Wall from end to end.

Overall Exterior Wall Length Dimension Option

Overall Building Dimensions Option

The Overall Building Dimensions option locates and dimensions the distance between the building’s furthermost corners.

Overall Building Dimensions Option

Combining Wall Dimension Options with Other Dimension Settings

Beyond Wall Dimension Options, the Dimension Views Tasks provides flexible settings to dimension the project as intended. Below is a gif showcasing some of the variations you can create while combining the Wall Dimension Options with the Tie Condition settings.

Wall Dimension Options and Tie Conditions

To learn more about dimensioning with Glyph, check the How to Dimension Walls, Doors and Windows in Active View post and keep an eye for our glyph-workflow.

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Can I put dimensions to wall openings at elevation/section?

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Hi @michael.s !

You can currently dimension wall openings in a section view:
Wall Section Dimensions

Currently dimensioning wall openings is not available in an elevation view, but we have it on the road map so it will be included in future releases!

Is it possible to dimension between walls, i.e. omitting wall thickness measure:

Welcome to the forum @Julian3000 ,

Not at this moment but we have it in the backlog. What you can do right now is dimension the wall to “Finish exterior/interior” then add the references manually.

How can I achieve the same dimensions as the image?

-Total room width and height
-wall openings dimensions with totals

Welcome to the forum @almihy!

  1. You can achieve this with Glyph with the following settings/task

    • Task: Dimension Views by Category, Category Selected: Walls
    • Dimension Options
    • References
  2. Currently, you can only dimension exterior wall openings using the following setting:

    • Dimension Options
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