Veras not rendering environment

Hello! I am playing with the trial SketchUp plugin version of Veras before purchasing. I was completely blown away until I opened an old project to render and it is only rendering the building itself but leaving the background white like in the SketchUp view. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I have tried quitting and restarting, changing the prompt, allowing for more or less creativity, toggling on “turbo nature” etc yet nothing is working. I am quickly burning through my free trial renders trying to solve this glitch. Is there a way to fix it and could I also maybe be credited back the renders I have lost to this glitch?

@Yatata - welcome to the forum!

Can you send a screenshot of your model?

I’ll be happy to add more received to your trial.

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Hello thanks for getting back to me! I’m still having the same issue, but now the landscape is reflected in the glass when I toggle “aerial view”.

I’ve attached a screenshot - I have more but it will only let me upload one:

Hello! Thank you for increasing my trial renders I really appreciate it! I tried again today, this time exploding all groups in the model to see if that would help, and also changing the background style. Unfortunately I am still having the same problem - I have attached another screenshot. Any help to troubleshoot this issue would be greatly appreciated!

For sure, you’re welcome!

Can you increase your Creativity slider above 65? This way less of the SketchUp image is preserved.

You don’t need to explode the SketchUp model.

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Hello! When I up the creativity it sometimes gives me a surrounding landscape (only upwards of 90) but loses all accuracy with the model, and sometimes it pops out a completely inaccurate model with no landscape even with creativity cranked to 100. Do you think the fact that the model is already very detailed, this is throwing the AI off? Perhaps iterating with simple massing models is what this tool is best for? I’m going to experiment with my remaining trial renders.