Veras - I was charged for another month's usage without requesting it

Hi, a month ago I paid for using Veras for revit by paying for just one month. Today I was charged for another month’s usage without requesting it. Also I don’t see on your site the possibility to unsubscribe.
I ask you to solve this problem. Thank you

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@Lorenzo_V Our apologies for the inconvenience. We are updating our licensing portal so that you can automatically cancel after a month. I went ahead and updated your account, and there shouldn’t be any recurring charges. The second charge did not go through (if it did we would have fully refunded it).

Hi, I also chose monthly plan and I try to cancel the subcription in the second month but still didn’t know how therefore I got charged for another month’s usage and I still can’t find the unscribe button available on the website. Please solve this problem. Thank you

UI is very confusing and I needed to keep signing in everytime I clicked or tried to access other tabs which is very frustrating. I got charged for another month I didn’t ask for. I’ve run through everything for the fifth time and couldn’t find any unscribe button and I need a refund for the recent charge because I haven’t used it and am not intended to use it anytime soon. Unscribing should be as easy as subscibing otherwise it should not be advertised as ‘cancel anytime’.

@nikkun I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues unsubscribing!

We’ll get you a refund for the second month you were charged for ASAP, and we’ll follow up to confirm that the cancelation and refund went through.

I agree 100% that the cancelation process should be simple and intuitive. We are working on both making that processes simpler, as well as creating better instructions for anyone who wants to cancel a subscription.

Thanks for your patience , and for trying Veras! I hope you had fun with it for the month you had it!

I have just initiated a refund for you. As @Daniel and @Ben mentioned it should be easier to cancel. That is why we are working on a “Cancel” button in the licensing portal. In the interim, we have been canceling subscriptions manually upon request. Again, please accept our sincerest apologies. Please let us if you need anything else. Thank you, @nikkun.

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There is now a CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button at the bottom of the product group in the licensing portal.

To access, login into the portal here: EvolveLAB | Customer Portal

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