Veras - Entering Seed Manually

When you click on the Seed number, the help text says, “…or enter one manually.” Are there instructions on how to enter a Seed manually? In particular, I was attempting to iterate wall ideas, but wanted to Seed the AI engine with an example. Is that possible or is that the intent?
Thank you.

Hello @rkuffel,

Good question! In the app, if you click on any rendering you have already generated in your current session, and then toggle-on ‘seed’, then that rendering’s seed will be displayed in the text field. That seed will then be applied to subsequent renderings (as long as the toggle is left on) to get very similar results.

Now to more directly answer your question, you absolutely should be able to type a seed into that text field manually if you somehow kept track of a valid one you’ve received from a rendering in the past. Though, if by “seed the AI engine with an example,” you mean directly uploading a wall image to emulate the style of, we don’t have a feature quite like that.

I do think the following workflow might work though, to achieve what you’re going for: you could select a wall in “REFINE” mode, and then render just that wall. Once you have a wall you like, you could lock in the seed, and then adjust other settings to iterate on it.

Two comments on the seed values:

1.) I’m testing this now. Manually entering the seed worked after the initial release of that feature, but currently seems to be broken (just if you enter the seed value via keyboard). I will release a patch/fix for this. Possibly today.

2.) In a near-future version of the app, we will have a way of pairing all your saved renderings with the settings data used to create them. So there will be a better system in place eventually for holding on to these seed values.

Let me know if this helps or if I’m misinterpreting what you’re asking. Thanks!

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We now have a patch with the manually typed render seed fixed: Veras