Veras domains, IPs, and network traffic

We are getting consistent errors on our Veras installs. Usually it’s ‘Error reading token’, but sometimes it’s a 502 error, always when pressing Render.

We are on a fairly restricted network and by looking in the firewall it appears that the machines are talking to a bunch of Google domains, but we aren’t 100% certain if this is Veras related or not. We have already exempted the domain but we continue to have errors, although the previous generic “network error” went away after that exemption.

Is there any documentation on the domains, ports, and/or IPs that Veras needs to do its job? We are not able to open the firewall globally nor can we exempt Google domains globally, we need to be specific.

@astadnick Thank you for posting your question on the forum. I see we have also received an email from you about these issues. I will respond via email, since we may exchange information that is slightly more sensitive than what we tend to discuss on the forum.