Using Veras images to create animation in Runway or similar?

Hi all,

New to Veras but really enjoying it so far!

Question for those of you who have more experience: has anyone used multiple Veras-generated images to create an animation in Runway or something similar?

My thinking is that I could create 4 - 6 exterior views of a building, using the seed tool to keep the materials etc. consistent, and then use an AI engine to create a very simple 360-degree orbit around the building, but I have only used Runway very very briefly and don’t really know which tools to use. I did contact their support team but they weren’t really able to help.

Has anyone had any success doing something like this, and if so, would you mind sharing a bit about your process?



@Andy-HPD - welcome to the forum, and thank you for enjoying Veras!

We’ve played with Runway using a single Veras image, and have mixed results.

Veras does not currently offer video capabilities, but stay tuned to a future release :smile: !

Thanks @Ben - I would be very interested to see video capabilities when you are able to offer them!

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