User interface. - breaking it up by lighting, materials, etc

If Veras output in layers (lighting, entourage, etc) that would help reduce the time required to edit it. There is a materials, and geometry scale, could we add other scales for important things like entourage, lighting, and context in layers to be edited separately similar to how the geometry and material are now. It would help with specificity in results. Thank you!

Hi @StoltzArchie ,

Thanks for that comment/suggestion. @Ben may chime in later to add a bit more detail about our roadmap and the foreseeable future of the app. But for now I can say that while I’m not sure that we have a plan to output renderings in layers per se, we are making steps towards making objects in the renderings selectable/editable entities.

A lighting scale/slider is a very good idea!


@StoltzArchie - thank you for the feature ideas and sharing more about your workflow!

Like @Greg was saying there are a few things on our roadmap that overlap with what you suggesting. I’ll break these down:

  • Entourage, Background & Lighting Export Layers from Veras
    This overlaps with how we will start to enable additional editing capabilities per @Greg’s comment
    We could also allow these layers to be exported externally in the future
  • Entourage, Background & Lighting Override Sliders
    This could be really cool - we have features in the backlog that overlaps this idea, but not in the form of a override slider