Update my payment method

Hello there,

I am having an issue updating plan payment method, every time I click on "manage subscriptions, it takes me to the login page. and when I log in again, nothing happens.

here is what i see when i log in, once i click on “learn more” for my Veras and click on “Manage Subscription” it takes me back to the login page!

Please help


Thanks for posting, and I apologize for the issue you are running into.

Can you send me the email tied to your payment account in a private message and I’ll look into this?


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To follow up, I wanted to thank @Idrissa for bringing this issue to our attention.

We have now updated the Customer Portal so that you will now see the ‘Manage Payments’ button even if all your subscriptions are not active (expired, unpaid, trialing, etc).

For more info about using the Customer Portal, refer to this post.


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