Unable to signup

hi there, when I signing up for the site , and fill the form of email and password, site says that unable to sign up. whats the problem


Thanks for reaching out on the forum.

There are two ways to create an EvolveLAB account to be able to use any of our software products:

  1. When you try to open any of our software products for the first time (Veras, Glyph, etc…), you should be prompted with a login page similar to the one below. If you enter an email that is not associated with an existing account, you should be prompted with a password to create a new account:


  1. You can also create one independently of any of our software through our Customer Licensing Portal, located at the link below, which should look like the screenshot below.


Do you know which of the above ways you used to try to create an account? If it was while trying to log into a product, which product were you trying to use (Veras, Glyph, Morphis, etc?). Also, can you share any more information about the errors you are seeing when you try to create an account? For example, a screenshot of the error message, or of the the browser console with errors which is typically accessed by pressing “ctrl + j”.

If you message me directly and share your email address, I can check the status of your account on our end.