Unable to load Veras : Initialization failed

Rhino 8 (latest update) and Veras 1.7 (latest update) won’t load at start of Rhino.
Already tried the basics: uninstall - reinstall Veras, repair, uninstall rhino and re-install.
Don’t know what to try anymore.
Thanks for helping,


Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues getting Veras running since updating Rhino 8. I just updated my Rhino 8 to the latest version and reinstalled Veras, and was unable to reproduce the bug, unfortunately.

I appreciate you trying everything you have so far. I have two recommendations for what to try next, at this stage:

  • If you are unsure if Rhino’s processes were completely terminated first before uninstalling and reinstalling Veras, retry the reinstall process with Rhino’s termination guaranteed.
  • Otherwise, try going to PluginManager and loading the Veras .rhp file manually:

Once the Plugin Manager is opened, click the “Install…” button and select the .rhp file. (It should typically be at the same path shown in the screenshot below.)


Please let me know if this works for you, or not.