Unable to create licensing account

Would love to trial your plugins for Revit but am running into a “Unable to create account” error when attempting to sign up for the licensing portal:

Have tried Firefox, Edge, Brave all on latest versions and on two different computers and with three different emails, all throw the same “Unable to create account” error. Is there something i am missing?


@Catalyst - welcome to the forum!

My apologies for this issue. Could you please share a screenshot with the error page?

Thank you, happy to be here. This is the error message:

Can you try to create your login within the app. (The sign in screen is also a create login screen when in the app)

That worked! Not sure what happened with the browsers but the app is humming along just fine.

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Can you login using the website now that the account is created?

Yes, that is working now too. :grinning:

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