Trying to recreate a pattern on a wall

Hello, I’m trying to recreate/render a graphic pattern on a wall. I have always used .950 to do that, because when you set that release to 0 0 or close to that, it returns exactly to the original graphic image you have in the model. I would run the graphic pattern separately and set the settings close to 0 and it would render the pattern nicely. I think any release since then has not quite been able to do that.
Version 1.4 engine 4 gets close to what I remember .950 doing, but I would like to see if .950 can do it better. Version 1.4 engine 5 does not even get close to the actual pattern when I try it. Any .950 or even 1.0 version I try to use now does not work at all (will not render).

I compared the Veras 1.4 engine 4 to some past images I processed in Veras .950 (all done at the lowest settings) and it does seem to be pretty close, so that’s good. The one project here, Booking, I never ran in Veras .950 so it’s a different kind of comparison, just 1.4 engine 4 with the SketchUp image; it doesn’t recreate exactly the original pattern but is close.


Hi @SketchVeraslady,

Thanks for posting these here! Glad you’re able to get some fairly predictable results for this scenario (using version 4 engine).