Tried Helix - Nothing happens

I created a very simple ACAD file - two lines offset by 10", put them on a layer called A-Wall.
Imported this CAD file into Revit 2023, went through the process as described by the Helix video on Youtube…runs for about 2 seconds, but no walls can be found anywhere.

Helix 2.14.0

Did not pay for anything - assumed it was a trial. willing to purchase, if it proves valuable.


So, is there anybody monitoring these forums?

@Bjohnson - seems like we missed your post, sorry about that.

I just ran a quick test with just two lines, and you are right - this simple test does not produce results. Looks like you found a bug. We’ll fix this and make a patch update.

As soon as we test with a more complex file it works. Perhaps you can test with a file that has more content in the interim.