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Hello there!

I decided to give it a go at Veras, to explore early concept images for a masterplan I’m currently working on, I downloaded and installed the sketchup version, unfortunatelly is giving me an error as per the attached snip.

Is there any luck this has been already addressed ?

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Little updated,

I tried updating the version from to, still having the same issue, I have Sketchup 2021 pro, still looking for a solution to the issue.

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@Telasco - welcome to the forum!

Thank you for posting the issue here. We’re going to investigate what the issue is, and relay the updates here.

Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for having a look into the issue, the problem is persistent on the company provided laptop, I managed to install the version on my personal computer, and is working fine so far! at some point I got error 400, I saved the Sketchup file, closed everything, open it back again, and the error was gone!


Thank you for the update.

The latest release has a better error messaging system that will help us address the 400 error you received. If you run across this issue again, please take a screenshot so we can further investigate.

Latest release: Veras Windows Installer v0.9.5.0

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