Stuck at "Verifying user.." [solved]

Extremely excited to test this tool out but I cant get past the “Veryfying user…” as it seems infinitely stuck at that step. I have Glyph installed also in the EvolveLab tab and am able to sign in there, but I do not have an active license so I can remain signed in or sign out through that window. But Veras just doesn’t seem to start.

Help me Ben Kenobi, your my only hope!

Sorry that Veras got stuck here!

You mentioned that you have Glyph installed. Can you sign out of that app. Then try to starting Veras?

We figured out that the expired Glyph trial was halting things up. This issue might happen if you have an expired version of our Glyph app.

If anyone else has this issue, let me know, so that we can fix it on our end.

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Hi there! I have the same issue.

It should be fixed now. Let me know if that’s not the case

We now have a permanent fix to this issue, and we released a Veras patch: