Spreadsheet Input for spaces - Feature Request

Many times we have a space program given to us by a client. Is there any development to integrate set room lists with SF requirements? Things to consider with this:

  • Room relationships (Departments or grouped Modules)

  • Options to look at multi-floor configurations


Awesome recommendations!!

  • We are working on room relationships, but did not release a public version yet. (we’re close)
  • Yes - this will be addressed after the V1 release. V1 will include the above, and the GD solver.
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Thanks for sharing this idea! Ben’s response already captures the essence of our ongoing development efforts, and I wanted to echo his sentiments and share my enthusiasm!

As an architect myself, I’d love a good programming tool that could take in a list of programs, perhaps along with other data about the spaces like desired adjacencies, proximity or idea separation distance of different spaces, and things like orientation, sunlight, and public/privateness of different spaces.

Our vision extends beyond just room relationships and multi-floor configurations (which we do have on the roadmap!). We’re aiming to empower users to generate multiple layouts that can leverage programmatic spatial data and various properties of those spaces. The layouts can then be judged against the given criteria and ranked on how close they come to satisfying various design goals, all well giving you instant calculations about things like SF targets and adjacency goals.


Anyway, thanks again for sharing your thoughts, and I hope in the near future we can implement some of these features and get feedback from designers like you on how to utilize our tools to help both save time during the design process and produce ultimately better and more informed layouts and designs!

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