Sketchup to Revit - Wall Mapping

I am not able to load the model from Sketchup 2021 into Revit 2022. I started a new sketchup, created a box, colored the box red, selected the box after clicking Sync Family types in Revit. Selection drops down to Map Board, Select “Wall” Select a revit 6" generic wall type and click Send to revit. The Grenn box states it was transmitted. Click in Revit the Load Model and nothing happens.

I can send model information from Revit into Sketchup without a problem. NOTE: Circles and Arc faces don’t convert.

@csmckillip Welcome to the forums.

For the wall mapping to work, you would need to paint the red material inside the group and select the face inside the group when mapping to walls.

You can also look at the Status Report in Revit to see if there were any errors in transmission:

Let me know if this works. If it doesn’t, perhaps you can share a screenshot or the SketchUp mode you used so we can test it.

Here’s an image with with how this mapping translates into Revit:

Thanks Ben,
I have the concept down. When I click on the error reporting tab it comes up with an error. I will screen shot it tomorrow morning.

Got it. We can take a look at the error once you share and if possible, it would be great if you can share the SkechUp model as well.

It’s just a new Sketchup 2021 file? Here is the Revit screenshot of the Error. I did remove and re-install the program with the same results as before.

Here is a link to the 2 files I was using


This could be an issue with Windows 11 (noticed from the window screenshot). We want to test whether the Helix Hub is running in the background. Can you follow these steps, and let us know what you see:

1. Open the Ruby Console

2. Send to Revit with Console open, and share screenshot

I installed it on another Computer using Windows 10 with the same results. Here is the requested Screenshot.

Hope this helps

Thank you for the screenshot.

We found the bug. We’ll update the installer shortly, and let you know when it’s ready for download.

Thanks Ben,
If you are needing BETA still on GLYPH let me know and I would be happy to help out. I have done Beta for Buildedge in Sketchup several years ago, and currently do beta for Presonus Audio interfaces. 11 years in Sketchup and 30 years in Construction Documents. I have a long list of programs I have used for Architectural 3d Modeling, Animations and Rendering.

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Just send you a DM. Thank you for testing Helix and being open to test GLYPH.

@csmckillip - we have an update ready (same link from the original post):

Download Helix 2.3.1

Please let us know if this resolves the issue.

Confirmed now working. Thanks for the quick fix.


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