Revit MEP Modelling - Unable to capture content


I was wondering if support could help on this matter that I have as I have just purchased a 12 month subscription and have concerns.

It would seem that the product is relly only aimed at architectural as no matter how many renders I try the A.I. cannot make sense of any building services such as pipe and ductwork.

I guess my question would be is Veras only an architectural visualisation tool and not a true Revit rendering solution as there is far more to Revit than architectural.

If this is the situation then Veras is not suitable for my company and would like to understand how I can cancel the subscription moving forward


@JBIM welcome to the forum.

Veras should be able to render mep systems. Would it be possible to share what the Revit model looks like. If you can’t share publicly, you can PM me and we can shift to email.