Revit LT and Veras

Forgive if this has been asked and answered. Does Revit LT support Veras?

much thanks…

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@MarkyB Revit LT does not support plugins, and so the Veras plug-in would not work with the LT version.

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Maybe creating a standalone version of Veras, where the LT model can be imported, would be a good idea. The full version of Revit is outrageously expensive for small offices, so this could be a way to make this great product accessible to a broader audience. Have there been any thoughts in that direction?

@Stef - that makes sense. We will have to explore this a bit more.

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Is anything known about the solution for Revit Lt? I’m very much looking forward to it

@Tomasz - welcome to the forum!

The latest idea, which is more feasible now, is to create a standalone version that can be used with Revit LT or any imported media.

Great! Have You know when it will be available?

We don’t have a estimate yet on when it will be available. Our next two releases are already slated with features. We will be releasing a new version this week that has better geometry detail retention (see image below). Our next release will most likely be available next month, so it would have to be after that.

The standalone web app is now available:

Check out the release notes: Veras - Release 1.3