Revit familes to Sketchup

Apologies I haven’t tried the app yet but was curious if revit familes can be imported into sketchup? I’m an HVAC contractor and would like the ability to import models that are organized in familes such as Pump models etc. I purchased the sketchup studio version under the impression this would be possible but studio only recognizes the .RVT extension.

Thank you

@Trevorbc - welcome to the forum!

You can load the families, but only when they are loaded in a project. We can’t load the RFA files directly into SketchUp. However, we could add this feature to Helix, if it’s super critical to your workflow. We had a similar functionality with Helix V1, but went away from that standard.

We can connect to further discuss, if you’d like.

Thank you so much for your timely response. I would be intersted in the ability to import revit familes into sketchup. There are many other posters on the sketchup formus looking for this option also. What would be required to have this option implemented?

Sorry for the delayed response

Since this feature is not on our roadmap, we could have a feature sponsorship to support funding it. Another alternate is to purchase an Enterprise license, and we would push this feature in front of the line, and develop it.

If any of those options are interesting, @ben.brun could get in touch with you. Let us know.