Rendering Errors - Prompts not Followed / Error in Base App

Hi there,

Using Veras on a Mac and having a ton of issues despite this being highly recommended to me by another designer. Hoping that you can help me work through these issues!

Issue One
The image only renders about one in five times. The remaining four times either nothing happens (loading bar continues flashing eternally) or I receive the attached pup-up error message reading ‘Error in Base App’. I saw on another thread with a similar issue that I should go to settings and select a new folder for renders to save to. I’ve tried that but the issue persists.

Second issue is that I am having an extremely difficult time getting results that match the prompts provided. Attaching an example - trying to render a chair with an upholstered back and an all white background. You’ll see that the result is a chair with a wood back and a forest in the background (lol!). Is there something I should be changing about the prompts I provide?

Thanks in advance!


Hi, @fwrd! Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your questions here!

It sounds like some of this could be a network issue if you’re only getting 1 in 5 renderings to be successful, and the renderings are taking a long time–especially at the resolution you’re using, it shouldn’t take too long. I would say you can usually expect a rendering like this one to take 15-30 seconds. During really high traffic times, maybe 60-70 seconds at most. But if it’s taking longer, and failing frequently, as you stated, then I would check the health of your internet connection, look at your firewall, and other network-related sources first.

Secondly, I’m surprised that the error message is persisting after resetting your saved renderings folder. I will try to find time to test this on Mac today to see what else could be going on. In the meantime, I would try one other thing–saving to a folder in another part of your system. Sometimes there can be permission issues on certain drives or folders.

As for the forest in the background, we just thought everyone would like that…

…no, only kidding. I do see that in the UI, you have “Turbo Nature” checked (about halfway down the screen). If you click that so that it becomes unchecked, that should solve that problem.

Let me know if you’re able to rule out some of those problems/suggestions, and you’re still having troubles.


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