Rendering Error

I’ve done several Ai renderings today and had no issue, suddenly I’m getting this error. I am on my University wi-fi network so I don’t have access to the router/access point

@gabewall welcome to the forum.

We’re working on upgrading the connectivity, and there is a pre-release version that should have this error resolved. Do you mind trying this version instead: Veras Prerelease v0.9.3.0

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This error should now be fixed for both Rhino and Revit with the latest v0.9.3.1 patch. You can download the update here:

Download new version here: Veras Installer

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Hello, I have the same issue, I tried with several versions that I found and still getting the same error message.

@Nikola - we have a new prerelease canary build: Veras

Can you please try this version to see if you get any issues with rendering?

The link above is now updated to the correct version.