Render Failed: Error reading token - how to solve this?

Render Failed: Error reading token

This happens when the UI is open for a while. We’re working on automating the auth refresh. For now you have to open and close the UI.

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We released an update today that fixes this issue: Veras - Release

@nino.kozlevcar - this error has been addressed in the version 1.1 release. Are you using an older version of Veras, or are you using the latest v1.3.0.2?

Also this error message might show if your internet dropped while using the app, or if you are using a VPN. In this case opening and closing the app window should restore functionality. If this is the case, then we’d like to know more about your setup so we can create a patch.

I am using the latest v1.3.0.2 and restarting the app does help. But I need to copy over all the settings to restart. My internet seam fine and no vpns.