Reasons for irregular conversion of wall openings and non-creation of windows & doors

The openings on the second floor exterior wall in the sketchup modeling are not applied in the conversion. The openings on the third floor are reflected in the conversion, but I can’t tell the difference. The light blue sides and the magenta doors on the first floor are also not formed. I have tested several times to see what step in the process is missing, but I can’t figure it out.

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@jm929bae - welcome to the forum!

Would it be possible to share the skp model?

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@jm929bae I’m looking into another Helix bug this week, so I can try to resolve this one too.

Like @Ben said, if you can share your skp model, and maybe also the Revit one, it would be super helpful. I’m wondering if it might be a language conversion issues that’s causing the mappings to not work correctly?

You can send either of us a direct message with the files or a link to them, or post them right in this thread if they aren’t too big.

Also, Would you be able to scare a screenshot of the ‘Status Report’ Helix window (from Revit) with us? This may shed some light on which mappings failed and why.