Prompts not operating as expected in revit

hi - I have a simple prompt in which I’m trying to get a current structure to take on vertical siding instead of horizontal, so I can take a look at that, but no matter what I prompt it with, it’s just not working. Any ideas?? I heard back from the team at Veras and they are experiencing the same thing until…" I am semi-successful if I bump up the geometry override and max out the prompt strength."

@jkidd, thanks for posting!!

I saw the rendering that Bill was able to achieve with the vertical wood slats, but saw that the issue was that the roofing was affected in a pretty negative way. From that result though, you could use the selection tool (Refine mode) to edit the roof in an isolated way to try to fix it.

In the future we’ll have the ability for the selection tool to outline multiple polygons in a single rendering, making it a better suited tool for isolating and changing the siding in a case/example like yours.


Another idea would be to add a basic vertical siding texture, or even a simple vertical line pattern, to your walls. This would give Veras something to base it’s vertical siding rendering off of, and may produce the result you are looking for. If you are only using the web version and only have an image and no access to the original model, you could possibly use an image editing tool to draw some vertical lines on your base image instead, and work from that.

I gave it a try with Revit 2023 using their sample residential model. All I did was create a default material with a vertical line hatch pattern and apply it to the second-level walls. Below is a screenshot of the model, and then a couple of renderings I made from it.

Base model image:

My first result: (it used the wood slats for everything!)

Result after using the Render Selection tool to edit the roof (to black standing seam) and lower level walls (into cast-in-place concrete) a bit:

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