Network error while trying to sign in

I’ve downloaded Vera free trial to test it out but faced connection problem while trying to run it on revit.
I do have network connection - so that is not a problem. I’ve ordered free plan (thought the case is It couldn’t resolve my email). Nevertheless I still cannot test your software.
Is there anything else I should check?


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@Danielt welcome to the forum!

Can you make sure that Revit has access to the internet? For example, if you have BIM360, can you access cloud models using BIM360?

Yes, Revit has access to the internet. I am using some plugins that requires network connection.

Me too the same problem

Iam having an issue in order to use this wonderfull software.
When i play start in Revit 2023 the software dont allow me to sign in via email.
can you help me to solve this issue? please.

@amonteagudo Welcome to the forum!
We’re working on this issue, and hope to release a patch soon. Can you confirm that you see the same message as the one in the image above?

@Danielt , @Yohannes , @amonteagudo

We now have a pre-release that has a different login process.
Could you please test this build and let us know if the login process works?

If there’s more stability with this version, we’re looking at commiting to the new system going forwards.

Thank you Ben!
Seems to be working now, I was able to login successfully.
Hope to see that release committed to the new system soon!

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